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As a photographer, the only thing that I want to do is create amazing images for you of your wedding day. There isn’t much I won’t do to “get the shot” because at the end of the day, after the cake is gone, your dress’ hem is dirty and tattered, your guests have left you; all that will remain is your memories and your photographs.

Having a Day of timeline helps me (and all of your other vendors) anticipate your every move, and give you our expert advice on pulling off a seamless day. After all, it’s what you’ve been obsessing over for months.

“Why do I need a timeline?” you ask. Well, let me explain. There are three main advantages to carefully thinking about your wedding day timeline before your big day:

1)Time: Providing a timeline with ample time allotted for photographs is especially important. I advise brides to do as many portraits before the ceremony as possible. Formals with the bridal party, parents, and even a first look (more on that in a future blog post) free you up to enjoy the party with your guests immediately after the ceremony. And freshen up before that trip down the aisle. Careful planning, can even allow time for photographing in a location different from your prep, ceremony or reception location. Which brings me to #2…

2)Location: Say your wedding or reception venue is in an urban location, but you’re dreaming of portraits in a field with tall grass blowing in the wind… well, a carefully thought out timeline can make that dream come true. Or even if your dream is photographs with the urban backdrop, providing a timeline, allows me to scout of locations ahead of time that will provide gorgeous backdrops and plan for you in that space. Additionally, if your location is one other than your wedding or reception venue, I may need to get permission, or obtain a permit to photograph there.

3)Light: With your timeline in place I can advise you on lighting scenarios that best match the style of image you are going for.  I will know based on the time of day and the location you choose, if I will need off camera lighting, or if natural light will be sufficient.

See, the thing is, I really do want to give you images like the ones you’ve been pinning over on Pinterest and with a carefully planned out timeline, I can. 



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