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Since leaving my full time corporate job to pursue my passion for wedding photography and mentoring full-time, I have been on the hunt for ways to take back my life. All creatives know that our work can easily take up an entire day, but with a family of 4 kids, my entire day just isn’t up for grabs.

There are several small changes that I’ve made since making the switch and I want to share them all with you over then next several months. The first, and likely the most effective change has been the implementation of a booking software. I test drove a few booking systems, and they were all great, but I fell in love with Honeybook and it’s powerful toolbox of ways to give me more time. Aside from the fact that it is fully customizable (which makes representing your brand seamless), the customer service concierge service is second to none! Check out the ways that I have been able to use Honeybook to streamline my workflow from inquiry to gallery delivery and beyond:

  1. Tracking the stages of my workflow: Honeybook allows me to track the stage of each event I add to my pipeline, and gives me at-a-glance summary of how many projects I have in each stage. Even better, the stages are completely customizable, so I can dictate my workflow. Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.32.21 AM
  2. Digital Contracts + Payments: In a digital world, where everyone is going paperless, Honeybook allows me to customize and send contracts and agreements AND receive payments electronically!!! I see SO many questions about the best software for contracts that also allows you to accept payments… here it is!                             
  3. Streamlined Process: I was so tired of having to search text messages, emails, Instagram DMs and Facebook PMs for communications from clients. Now all communications are in one place inside each event’s feed. I can communicate back and forth with clients and their other vendors.  Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.42.11 AM
  4. Easy Collaboration: As a wedding photographer, I often depend on a client’s coordinator or planner to collaborate on timelines and with my second shooter as well. Honeybook has made collaborations easy as pie. I can even refer clients to vendors in my network with a single click. Vendor collaborations are private and can include links to Pinterest boards, documents, custom timelines, chats and more. I use this portal for contracts with my second shooters and for images of venues and inspiration.                  Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.03.10 AM
  5. Staying Organized: Its no secret that running a business and a household successfully requires super hero powers. Staying organized is key, and for me, having everything in one place is the easiest way to be organized. Knowing that I can automize an entire client experience, send and receive contracts and payments, see a calendar with dates, payments and reminders, communicate with clients and their team, share inspiration, and all with a personal concierge who will set up contracts, emails, and questionnaires for me; Honeybook helps me stay sane with all thats going on around me. Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.48.51 AM

The truth is, I love Honeybook SO much that I want to share more with all of my creative friends who are looking for a time and sanity saver to incorporate in to their businesses. If you’ve been on the fence, like I was, about which company you should go with, reach out to me, and I am happy to give you a guided tour of both the back-end (what I see) and the front-end (the client experience), honestly answer your questions, and help you make the transition if you choose to. If you have been wanting Honeybook, but haven’t made the commitment because of the price (lifelong membership is $500, and I know that can be a big pill for us small business owners to swallow all at once) I have a $100 off code I am happy to share with everyone!!! CLICK HERE and signup, your $100 off will come off at checkout.

I’ll be sharing more about Honeybook in the upcoming weeks.

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