SHE SAID YES | BETTY + DREW |Downtown Raleigh Engagement

I always feel honored to be invited by a couple to share in their wedding days as their photographer. I really don’t think there is a bigger compliment than to be selected to be there capturing the special moments on arguably one of THE most important days in a couples life. That’s one reason why I always insist on an engagement session. I think this time together, just me and the couple gives us time to learn each other’s styles and get completely comfortable with one another.

During the Engagement Session, I try my best to have fun with each couple. For Betty and Drew, that meant a leisurely stroll around Downtown Raleigh.betty 1These two were a blast to work with… we shared a ton of inside jokes and I got to see just how much they truly love each other. After we captured some sweet shots downtown, we moved to get some spectacular city views at one of my favorite Raleigh spots. betty2I honestly can’t wait to be with Betty and Drew on their wedding day this fall! Thanks guys for allowing me to be a part of your love story.

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