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Choosing a bridal party can, without a doubt, be one of the most difficult decisions you can make regarding your wedding. Make the wrong choices and drama will surely follow you all the way down the aisle. But choose the right tribe, and wedding planning to wedding day will be a dream.

But how do you decide when every girl in your college sorority house is vying for a place in the coveted bridal party line up? I’ve narrowed down 7 personalities that you definitely need by your side. Whether you accomplish these personalities in 7 different people or you’re able to bundle multiple traits into just a few gals, checking off this list will set you up for wedding planning success.

Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Images by Amber Robinson |7 personalities you need in your bridal party

  1. The Task Master – this person is essential to making sure you and your game plan stay on track. The Task Master will help you organize your RSVPs, arrange your seating chart, and keep the other members of your bridal party with their head in the game. He or she will make sure everyone has their attire ordered and altered and that your showers and other celebrations come together with out you having to lift a finger. Got a million DIY projects to do, this is who you can call for a marathon bow tying session.
  2. The Fun Guy/Girl – if the Task Master is your “right hand man” then The Fun Guy/Girl, is your left. Call this person the Ying to the organizational Yang. A party isn’t a party, no matter how well planned it is, if its not fun. The Fun Guy is going to keep the crowd excited at your get togethers and tell the embarrassing story about that time you had to draw on your eyebrows for a month after that terrible wax job during your senior year at the toast at the reception. This Guy or Gal is going to help your Task Master remember that its a wedding, a time to celebrate you and your partner, not a state dinner. And when you are feeling overwhelmed, he or she will be there to help you remember that planning a wedding is supposed to be fun. If you need help with the reception play list, this is your go to person
  3. The Sentimental – always ready with a sappy story about how you two met and have been best friends since second grade, or about that time your fiancee used him/her to plan that special Valentine’s Day getaway, The Sentimental’s job is to remind you about all the feels you have about marrying the person of your dreams. Tissues always on hand, The Sentimental will have the whole room in tears with his/her toast about how proud they are of you, and will keep your bridal party centered on the wonderful friend you have been to each of them.                                                                                   IMG_1089
  4. The Orchestrator – like a conductor who manages to get all the different parts of a symphony playing as one instrument to make beautiful music, this person just says a word and all the moving parts fall into place. They are respected with in the bridal party and your parents rely on The Orchestrator to bridge the gap between the bridal parties, the parents, and family. When things aren’t happening at your request (for example, your girls refuse to decide which shade of blush they want for their dresses and the deadline to order is in a week) The Orchestrator swoops in and people fall in line. You’ll depend on this person to help you meet deadlines and prioritize tasks.
  5. The Responsible One – this friend is going to make sure that you stay out of trouble and don’t do anything that you’ll regret. Not only will this person make sure you don’t come home from your bachelor/bachelorette weekend with a tattoo you’re sure to regret, but he/she will make sure that the other members of your bridal party don’t do anything that will embarrass you or ruin your day.
  6. The Fixer – think of this member of your entourage your real life Olivia Pope. When The Responsible One isn’t able to keep mayhem from breaking loose, this guy or gal will make sure that all relationships remain in tact, that bail money is collected and your mom never finds out about that skinny dipping incident, and that if your makeup artist is a no show on your wedding day, her college friend who works at the MAC counter shows up to save the day. You’ll want this friend checking in on you partner just before the ceremony to make sure cold feet haven’t set in, because if they have, only he/she can deliver an Oscar worthy pep talk that will get your fiancee back on track, and come back to you with the biggest smile and hug followed by “Let’s do this!”
  7. The Straight Shooter – this gal or guy has probably known you for a very long time, and its likely that they are related. He/She has no filter or concern for your feelings, and just calls it like they see if. If this member of your party says you’re being ridiculous in your demands that the entire bridal party go on the 10 day cabbage soup diet detox in order to look hot in their dresses, there is a pretty good chance you’re being ridiculous. You’ll want to depend on this person’s view on things like “does this dress make my butt look big?” And be sure to run your bridal party and guest list demands by The Straight Shooter before rolling them out to the masses. If your request for the entire guest list to arrive in the exact shade of Pantone Silver Peony is a little outrageous, The Straight Shooter will let you know.

Once you have your posse in place with all of the right personalities, you will truly be unstoppable and whisking through your wedding to do list with time to spare for some serious fun along the way. What personalities do you think are imperative to rounding out the perfect bridal party?

Images by Amber Robinson | Madden Mahoney Formals

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