Maddie + Dixie | National Dog Day 19

As a long time dog owner and lover, I get super excited when my clients ask if their pups can join them for a few shot during their portrait sessions. People just seem happier when their dogs are with them. I know I am. So when one of my clients called and asked if their dogs could have their very own session?!?! How could I refuse??

Meet Maddie and Dixie. Hands down two of the sweetest puppy girls I’ve met in a long time.


Maddie, the big sister, is a 12 year old West Highland Terrier who loves to snuggle and has a soft spot for anyone who is willing to share their popcorn! She has a sweet broken ear that adds to her sweet and overall inquisitive look!Mattie

Dixie, little sister to Maddie, is a very shy, but loving 5 year old Scottish terrier that loves walks and visiting with granny. Look at that sweet face and those loving eyes. dixie

Both girls are loves SO much by their mom and dad. Thank Maddie and Dixie for visiting me in the studio!! Can’t wait to see you again soon!! and happy National Dog Day!!

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