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Since I was in my early 20s, I always knew I wanted to own my own business. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial heart, and working the corporate grind was never something that I wanted to do. But like so many other people out there, life (and bills) happen faster than dreams sometimes; and for me this meant putting my dream of being a successful (and full time business owner) on the back burner.

Then in 2010, I made the leap from hobby photographer to professional photographer. Things steadily picked up for me and somewhere around 2014 I began thinking “mayyyyybe, just maybe I can make this into a full time gig one day”. At that time I was working in the corporate sector and began honing some skills that I thought would come in handy for the day I could finally make it happen for myself. I was so fortunate to have people around me, professionally, that were willing to invest in my professional development.

I wrote it down on every single goals list: “Quit your day job and follow your passion”. I put it out there for the universe as often as I could. At some point last year, I stopped telling people that I worked at a world renowned teaching hospital when they asked what I did for a living, and started saying, “I’m a professional photographer”. I felt like I had to start living my dream in whatever way I could if it was going to happen.

I started planning and working for it in 2015. Saving money, booking more jobs than I had the energy for, thinking about how I would make it work….and I set a date. March 1, 2016. I felt like if I had a date, surly I could make it happen. And I did!!!

On February 1, I did the scariest thing I have ever done for myself. I wrote a resignation letter and put it on my boss’ desk. Panic set in immediately!! And then the crippling fear came, but I was determined not to let fear become bigger than my faith in myself. I had worked hard to get to that day!

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

A week ago, I walked out of my comfortable corporate job for the last time! I quit my day job in pursuit of my daydream and I am SOOO excited!!!

I can’t wait to share so many new things with you this spring! Lets start with this super fun celebration photo shoot done in my Raleigh Photography Studio by my shutter sister Megan. Because who doesn’t love an excuse to drink expensive champagne, whilst in a pretty sequin and tulle number with confetti all around?

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

i quit bog 4

photography by Gypsy Rain Photography

Hair: Ranata Cardin, Diva’s Den Hair Salon

Dress: Avenue

Skirt: Charlotte Russe

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