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Finding your engagement and wedding style doesn’t seem like it would be a difficult task, but ask couples everywhere and they will tell you that settling on a style that will take them from engagement to  wedding (and beyond) can be as difficult as choosing an entree at The Cheesecake Factory.

In my experience, there are only 3 style categories, and no matter who you are, or where you are from, you will fit into one of them. Traditional, Casual, and Trendy. And while there are infinite ways to express these styles (and yes some people are a little of 2), in my opinion, at the end of the day, you are predominantly one or the other.

Defining your style:

Traditional couples tend to stick to classic brands, textures and simple accessories. This couple typically work in corporate jobs and have modestly styled clothing in their closets. Tailored pants, pencil skirts, buttoned down shirts, blazers, and shift dresses make up this couple’s closet, and for the most part, neutral colors (dotted with splashes of muted primary colors) are what they tend to stick with.

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The Casual couple is sweet and comfortable. Their closet has more soft textured pieces that are functional and work in a variety of settings. This couple lives in cozy jeans and denim, jersey knits, and sweaters. They enjoy the “easy life” and have a strong connection to the out doors, friends, and their pets.

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Last, but certainly not least is the Trendy couple. These two are social butterflies and their fashion sense reflects a balance between fun and sophistication. They aren’t afraid of a fad, and embrace bold colors and patterns, and mix textures for interest. Trendsetters love to travel, and usually have jobs where creativity is the main focus.

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With the help of the incredibly talented illustrator Jordan Werre and my friends at DesignAGlow, I have put together a 6 page fall Style Guide to help you define your style, shop for your engagement session wardrobe, pick a location for your session, and tips for rocking your session. Feel free to download it HERE for free! 

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