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Images by Amber Robinson behind the scenes in Charleston, SC

So you’re thinking about hiring me as your or even to photograph your wedding, or anniversary, or portrait session, and we clicked. You heard me talk about how over the next few weeks to months we will likely become friends, and I may have mentioned how I will probably stalk your social media. All that is setting in, and you’re wondering how exactly (and why) that works. Well, first let me put your mind at ease… you DID NOT just hire a crazy woman. What you did was hire a gal who is passionate about your experience as a couple and feel like in order for you to be your real, in love selves for me and my camera, we need to know each other. I just think its kinda awkward for a stranger to show up on your wedding day to photograph one of the biggest moments of your life. I know I would find it hard to be all kissy face with my spouse in front of someone who only knows our first names.

amber behind the scenes

The getting to know you process is easy, I promise. Mostly its us chit chatting on the phone about what you like, your funny couple stories, your dogs, and your vision for your wedding day. I’ll ask you questions like “what was your most embarrassing moment together” and “what do you love most about him/her”. I’ll also ask you about how comfortable you are with PDA. I will share with you my love of animated GIF texts and if you are a TGIT fan, you might get text messages from me during Grey’s, Scandal, and HTGAWM with random hashtags like #whatthehuck and #papapope. You’ll also get a couple of questionnaires from me asking you everything from where you went on your first date to explaining any complicated family dynamics that might impact how we work together on your day.

By the time your wedding rolls around, I want you to feel like we’ve known each other for years. I want you to be comfortable enough to kiss your partner passionately without feeling embarrassed, and confident enough to know that yes, I got a picture of the place setting, your grandmothers hanky, and the sweet gifts you all exchanged before the ceremony.

At the end of the day, its about YOU. Its about how I can anticipate your every need, connect with you on an emotional level that allows me to support the vision for your day, and become not only your forever photographer, but a friend who can celebrate your highs, and empathize with you on the cloudy days.

So, go ahead, accept my friend request. This is just the beginning of an amazing friendship, where beautiful wedding images that reflect the love you share between the two of you just one of the benefits you’ll enjoy along the way.

behind the scenes photography courtesy of Ashton Kelley Photography, Rosie Omar Photography, Marcellaneous Photography

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