After 3 years of gentle nudging, I FINALLY convinced my hubby to join my for a quick photo session. See, the problem is, we don’t have ANY pictures of him in the house because despite the fact that he is handsome (and knows it), he absolutely HATES being in front of the camera.

So when he said “yes” I wasted NO time. We found something to wear and hit the streets of the Raleigh Warehouse District, baby in tow.

First we stopped in the parking lot of one of the vacant warehouses on West St. I love this part of town because of the old buildings, colorful walls and all of the character each block has.
Carlos warmed up to the camera quickly and before you know it, we were actually having fun! ¬†One of the things I love about this guy, is he really is fun and funny just below the surface. One of his “things” is his fascination with bright, bold, colorful, and unexpected socks. When I tell you he has over 50 pairs, I’m not exaggerating.

Everything from funky geometrics, to holiday themed, to socks featuring the characters from his favorite childhood cartoons. Just like him, they are a funny thing, hiding just underneath the exterior.

Another favorite backdrop of mine, especially for the fellas is one of the many warehouse doors in downtown.

There is just something timeless but trendy about a black and white photo in front of a roll up door or clean brick wall

Just around the corner, is a Raleigh Icon. The “blue” wall has been backdrop to many a photo and I just never get tired of it. I think just about any color you put in front of it pops!

I think that this session was a success! We got a ton of pictures for all of hubby’s social networking and some great ones to add to the walls at home. The biggest plus? He says it “wasn’t so bad” and promised to “do it again”. Definitely a win in my book!

Until next time…


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5 thoughts on “CARLOS GETS A CLOSE UP

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