Happy New Year!!! Its hard to believe that 2016 is here, but I am beyond tickled pink about it. Because it means that I finally get to unveil my business’ brand update. This year I will be celebrating my 5th year as a professional photographer. Over the years, I have worked hard to get to where I am today, and while I will never stop learning, I am finally at a place where I am comfortable in my style. Most wedding photographers can tell you, getting to this point is no easy task, getting here has been hard. I’ve invented and re-invented my business more than a few times in the search for something that is authentically Amber. 

in September of 2015, I started making subtle changes in my daily operations and with the overall look of my website. I guess you could say those were necessary as my business was evolving. I changed my logo and moved from a DIY website to one that is professionally hosted and maintained. Over the past 6 months I have been working hard to perfect the way my business represents itself. I wanted something clean and simple, with subtle punches of my fun and quirky personality.

I put together a mood/inspiration board alot like what I create with my brides. This just serves as a visual road map for what I am trying to portray.   rebrand mood board

I love graphic elements and pink is my favorite color, so I knew I needed to incorporate those elements. I already liked my logo alot, so I made only a few minor tweaks to it and introduced a black version to my mainly white version. You’ll probably recognize my fonts as ones that I have used for almost a year now. I really do just adore how the feminine swashes and curls of my cursive font go so well with the simple masculinity of the sans type face. I think that this new look is sophisticated but yet still true to my traditional roots.

rebrand home

As you enter my newly designed site, you are greeted by some beautiful new HOME page images  which reflect the light, airy, and ethereal look I love so much followed by a short statement about my passion for telling stories through my lens.

rebrand about w badge

Also new to the ABOUT ME page is a list of features and affiliation links. You can click on these and see where my work has been featured, what educational opportunities I am involved in, and the professional organizations I belong to. I’m hoping to fill up this area in 2016 with client stories and learning.

rebrand invest

One of the main changes that isn’t solely design, is the streamlining of my services and pricing (packages also have a new name). I think that simplifying how I offer my services will only help my wonderful clients make a decision about their service that best reflects exactly what you are looking for. Life stories are simple and straight forward  and I am so excited to announce that Petite Sessions (formerly called Minis) have found a permanent home as a service that will be offered year round. Of course, there will still be seasonal styled Petite Stories, but now you won’t have to wait until a holiday to enjoy a short session at a price point that doesn’t require a special occasion.

Traditional Wedding Story Packages have been streamlined to 2 packages and I have introduced a new Mid Week Elopement package for brides looking for a full service photography experience for only a few hours on the steadily growing popularity of “off day” ceremonies that take place Monday – Thursday.

I hope that you will take some time to tour the new site and let me know what you think.

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