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Now that you have streamlined your email workflow by learning how to use the canned response feature on Gmail (last week’s post), you are breezing through emails and enjoying a few minutes of extra time during your workflow, right? But don’t you want to brand your email to match your pretty website and business cards? Of course you do, but it can be a little difficult to truly customize your email signature in the Gmail settings option alone. So this week, I am showing you how to go from boring to branded in just about 5 minutes. 

Before you dive in, I recommend sketching out exactly what you want your email signature to look like. Whether its your fun headshot, or your pretty logo, go ahead and draw it out and place any images you want to include in your signature (including your branded social media icons) into a folder on your desk top. You’ll want them somewhere easy to find once you get started. When you have your vision sketched out and images in an easy to locate place on your computer, go ahead and log into your gmail

STEP 1: Open Google Docs by typing docs.google.com in your browser (or click the link) and start a new blank document

Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Work Flow Wednesday

STEP 2: This part is pretty important, in order to “trick” Gmail into making your signature look exactly the way you want it (instead of stacked up and down) you want to insert a table. The number of columns will depend on how many vertical elements you want – I have two columns, one for my logo and one for my text. Similarly, the number of rows will depend on how many horizontal elements you want. Again I have 2. One for the image and contact text, and one for my social icons

Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Work Flow Wednesday

STEP 3: Once you have inserted your table, start filling in the images and text as you want them to appear in your signature. This is where your images being all together in an easy to find location on your computer comes in handy.

Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Work Flow Wednesday

Don’t forget to make your website, email, and social media links clickable by inserting the hyperlink. You and resize images and adjust the grid in your table as you want to make thins line up exactly the way you want.

STEP 4: Next you want to erase your grid lines. This step is important because your signature will look and behave in your email exactly the way it does here. To hide the grid lines, click in your table and type COMMAND + A on Mac or CONTROL + A on PC to highlight the entire table. Then click on the grid color icon and select white


your grid lines will appear to go away, but for those of you who have a colored wall paper as a theme in your gmail, you will also want to (while your table is still highlighted) then click on the border width icon and change this to 0


No those lines are really gone. Now Copy the table (COMMAND + C on Mac CONTROL + C on PC)

STEP 5: Now we are ready to add your signature to Gmail. Go over and open your Gmail inbox (in a new tab) and click on the settings gear icon and scroll down to setting and click there. This will open your email settings panel.


Scroll down to the email signature pane


you will be able to paste (COMMAND + V on Mac CONTROL + V on PC) to the signature box and resize it as necessary. Tada!!! Your new custom signature! Just scroll all the way down and click save changes to activate!

You have just taken your email signature from boring to branded!!!


Cool huh? If you just transformed your signature and are proud of your new look, send me an email at hello@imagesbyamberrobinson.com so I can check out your handy work!!

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

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