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There are few things that make my heart go pitter patter than like walking into an event space and immediately being able to recognize the couple’s or honoree’s personality in the space. Its like you know you’ve shown up at the right place because there are personal touches, be them subtle or bold, all over.

Today I am going to share 5 easy ways to personalize and create an atmosphere of fun at your next soiree so that not only will all your guest have a blast, but it reflects the style of the person or people the party if for.

Personalizing you party | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Images by Amber Robinson

  1. Start with Stationery – your invitations set the tone for the day, and with the countless options that are available today, why not let some personal flare come through. From colored printing and whimsical font types, fancy and patterned liners, to personalized hand lettered addressing, you can get as personalized as you want before the first person even shows up! Guests will be able to anticipate the kind of party they will walk in to based on the style of your invitation. Go ahead and incorporate your favorite fun things into the paper, then hit your local post office or shop the USPS Ebay Store for coordinating postage to finish off the look. Personalizing you party | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Images by Amber Robinson
  2. Fantastically Fun Fare – every party guest appreciates a thoughtful menu, but make sure you are serving food that you love! If wedding cake isn’t your thing, don’t serve cake. Go with a fun ice cream bar, or brownie bar instead. Dessert bars are both yummy and a fun way to get guests up and interacting with you and each other. Who says you have to serve traditional food at all? Gone are the days of boring hotel chicken! Hosting a small affair in your home, but don’t want to cook and clean dishes? Hire your favorite food truck to come cater! The possibilities for fun and personalized food are as endless as your tastebuds.
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  3. Mix + Mingle – Waiting on a party to begin can be a bore, especially if your guests don’t know one another. To beat the boredom, give your guests something fun to do while they wait for things to get started. My favorite are games. Place a your favorite card game or board game at each table with an instruction card to get things going. I personally love Cards Against Humanity and Mad Libs, but any game that requires more than one player would work. Get outside for a friendly cornhole or mini golf hole in one competition Not a game player? Ask guest to write notes of advice or provide items for them to create something for you. If you love music,  ask guests to make a play list for your honeymoon, or first sleepless night with a baby, or for your first post wedding argument with your partner. Or consider having your friends write the recipes to their favorite cocktail at your stock the bar shower. Whatever you decide, its better than sitting around doing nothing.Personalizing you party | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Images by Amber Robinson
  4. Dazzle them with Decor – just like the decor in your home speaks to your personal style and personality, so should the decor at your party. Today’s party throwers are opting more and more for relaxed and intimate setting over formal and stuffy. Decor can be simple and dazzling, the key is to keep it in your style so that guests see you reflected back. Guests just aren’t random people from the office, they are your closest friends and family, so why not seat them around a table that reminds you of Sunday Dinner? Simple place settings let your garden clipped buds be the star and because they aren’t towering over the table, you can see everyone and have great conversation. Personalizing you party | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Images by Amber Robinson
  5. Finish with Favors – favors are the perfect way to thank your guests for sharing in your special day. I just love a favor that has a personal touch to it. If you have time, the best way to do this, is to make favors a DIY project. Soaps wrapped in paper and twine with a personal thank you, or your famous jam or tomato sauce served up in mini jars is the perfect way to let guests know you care about them as much as they care about you.

BONUS: Don’t forget to create a personalized hashtag that your guests can use to post their pictures on social media. This gets them excited to share their own selfie images, and makes it easy for your guests to connect after the party is over.

What ways have you seen or used to make a party more fun? Please share them in the comments, I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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