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Three years ago I met the Narron family through Karen’s sister, a long time client of mine, at an extended family holiday shoot. I was taken with both Karen and her daughter’s amazing red hair, and had always hoped to work with them again. So of course, I was thrilled when Karen called me this summer to schedule a special family session.

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We scheduled our session for late afternoon at one of my favorite places in Raleigh, our State Capitol building. I love the stone steps and grand marble doors, and the fact that there are beautifully landscaped green areas too is a total plus!

narron-2Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Images by Amber RobinsonRaleigh Wedding Photographer | Images by Amber Robinson

After some fun individual portraits and a few group shots, we got down to the real reason for this shoot. You see the Narrons, are adopting and wanted to capture this moment, and this selfless decision in much the same way as a family would if they were announcing a pregnancy.

Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Images by Amber Robinson

It was during a February 2015 trip to Israel’s Western Wall, a sacred place for believers to write and place prayers between the cracks of the ancient stones,  that The Narrons turned over their desire to grow their family to God, and in that very moment “we left it all in the creators hands! Whatever future He had for us is His perfect plan!”

When they returned home, they continued to pray, and God began to plant seeds of adoption in their hearts. They began to see adoption through a new lens, and in December of last year, they began the journey of bringing a new child into their hearts and home.

Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Images by Amber Robinson

Right now, they are on a domestic wait list for a newborn baby. The family is unsure whether they will be blessed with a boy or girl, or how long they will wait, all they know is that God has the perfect baby for them. Placing your child up for adoption is one of the most selfless acts any Mother can do. The Narrons are already thankful for the mother that has been sent by God to bring a baby into their lives! I will be following this journey along with this amazing family, and as soon as their angel baby arrives, I will have a post for you.

Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Images by Amber Robinson

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