5 years in the making | A boudoir shoot 10

There are just some people that you want to photograph from the moment you meet them. Whether it’s their personality or their look (or in this case both), as a photographer, you just know.

I started asking *Miss A* to photograph her 5 years ago when we worked together on a shoot at a local hotel. Over the past several years, she has come up with every excuse in the book NOT to get in front of my camera, and to be honest, I had almost given up when out of the blue, I get a text. “Amber, I am ready, book me now before I loose my nerve!”

I was on it! We spend a two or so weeks planning this long-awaited boudoir session. Planning wardrobe, makeup, exchanging text messages, swapping Pinterest inspiration, and sharing off-color 50 Shades of Grey jokes. And then the day came. *Miss A* walked in the studio with a friend (because sometimes you just need some support from a girlfriend) and we got to work. She was AMAZING in front of the camera (just like I knew she would be).angel 1angel 3angel 2angel 1

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