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10 Things that will Ruin Your Boudoir Session

Last week I shared a list of 10 things to do before your boudoir session (read it HERE) and like every good DO list, I wanted to follow up with a list of Don’ts. Some of these things will be completely obvious, but others might not. In my experience there are 10 things that will ruin your boudoir session, here is my list of DON’Ts: Don’t Spray Tan. Ok, well, not really… let me explain. I am all for the safe way to get the “just home from San Tropez” look, but PLEASE, don’t get your spray tan the day before (or even worse, the day of) your boudoir session. Give your spray tan a few days to “calm down” before your session, otherwise you may end up looking like a character from Jersey Shore in your final images. Don’t Wax or Shave the day before. This is especially true for legs and bikini area and anywhere on your face. Razor bumps are REALLY hard to edit out. Play it safe, do your hair removal routine two or even three days in advance. Don’t experiment with a new hair stylist, hair style, or hair color. If you’re feeling brave, and need a change, schedule that appointment for the next day! Its all about playing it safe. Don’t forget your shoes. This sounds like a no brainer, but its easy to forget extra shoes. In Part 1 I suggest packing the day before and laying out every outfit. This strategy will help you remember important pieces like shoes, jewelry, accessories, and props. Don’t pick you face. So what, you had a flare up or ate a piece of stress chocolate and woke up with a pimple. I can easily fix that in Photoshop. What’s harder to correct? all of the red swollen and blistered skin you;ll have if you squeeze or pick at a zit, pimple, or blemish. Don’t wait until the last minute to do your shopping. So often we end up settling for something that we either don’t really like or doesn’t really fit when we shop last minute. Take the time to start planning for your shoot immediately after you book it. This will give you time to try different looks, receive any ordered garments, and change your mind with out becoming stressed out. Don’t wear overly tight clothes to the shoot location. Skinny jeans, leggings, and tight…

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10 Things to Do Before Your Boudoir Session

With my annual Holiday Boudoir Event just around the corner, I thought I would share a few things to Do and things to Don’t (late this week in part 2) that will help you get ready for your session. In order to rock your session here are 10 things that you absolutely MUST do: Treat yourself to professional hair and makeup. Applying makeup for a photo shoot is a lot different from applying the makeup you would wear to work, or even for a night out on the town. A professional makeup artist will ensure you look your best and will be there to touch up as needed. Splurge on a fresh mani and pedi. I suggest a nude color or something natural like a French Manicure, but as long as your nails are neat and polished, they will look great. I do caution against bright colors and wild designs as they don’t always translate well in photographs Make sure to moisturize. It’s the easiest way to make sure your skin is glowing in your pictures and your makeup stays put. And moisturizing goes for your face and the rest of your body too, you will be showing off lots of skin after all. Wear clear deodorant. This one may sound like a given, but you would be surprised at how many girls don’t think about it until they have white marks on their pretty black negligee. Pack everything ahead of time. This one is important to not forgetting anything. I suggest making a list, laying out your looks, accessorizing each outfit with jewelry and shoes, then pack. I suggest that you bring your list with you as well, so you can double-check that you take home everything your bring into the studio. Come dressed in a shirt that buttons or zips up the front. The last thing you’re going to want to do after you have had your hair styled perfectly and your make up is just right is pull your shirt off over your head. Bring a sentimental item that belongs to your partner. His shirt, a favorite jersey, dog tags, what ever it maybe, we will find a way to work it into the session. Your partner will thank you for it! Remove tags and labels. Take a few minutes before you pack and clip the tags and labels from anything sheer. Don’t forget any sticker that…

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Navy + Copper Southern Comfort

A few months ago I fell in love with the navy and copper color palette. I thought it felt so sophisticated and when I thought about how feminine ans masculine it could be all at the same time, I immediately knew I needed to call on some of my friends in the wedding business to help me style a shoot that brought these colors together. I immediately hopped on the horn with Kim from A Sister’s Soiree and we began planning. We planned for months. We shopped, and we shopped. And then, like magic, last Sunday it all came together. I am thrilled to share with you what we created. First, let me just allow you to swoon over these beautiful custom invitation suite by J’Marie Design Studio. They are the absolute perfect balance sparkle and sophistication. And the custom monogram, which was a theme throughout, really set the tone for the overall feel of this shoot. Dustin at Sharp + Timeless Image Consultants was the Fairy God-Father of this Cinderella project by pulling together effortless wardrobe styling. And what bridal shoot would be complete without not one but two beautiful lace and champagne colored satin gowns for our bride provided by Raleigh Bridal Boutique Maggi Bridal and beautiful hair and makeup by All About That Hair NC to compliment.Cake, mini desserts and our Moscow Mule cocktail bar were artfully designed by Truckin Chicken catering. Who doesn’t love a beautiful Bon-Bon covered in edible gold glitter or a beautiful flower adorned cake?Florals by Bowerbird Florals and Apothecary’s bouquet, adorned by a custom monogrammed ribbon by Taylor Monograms, stole the show. I absolutely love the organic shape of all of the florals which lend to the comfortable vibe of this shoot.Personally, I’m always drawn to table-scapes that aren’t too matchy-matchy which is why we opted for an eclectic blend of old and new pieces atop an amazing rose gold lace and sequin table-cloth, monogrammed vintage napkins and a linen and gold dot runner. Vendors: photography Images by Amber Robinson Coordination & Styling – A Sister’s Soiree Catering & Cake – Trukin’ Chicken Location & Paper Suite – J’Marie Design Studio Flowers – Bowerbird Flowers & Apothecary Hair & Makeup – All About that Hair NC Monogramming – Taylor Monograms Groom Styling – Sharp + Timeless Image Consultants Wedding Gowns – Maggi Bridal   

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